Andy Luce


  • Remembrance: A Study of Ghost Signs


As we explore our city, we walk amongst works created by letterers, calligraphers, and sign painters of another era. These works age beautifully, decaying quietly under layers of paint, paper, and tags of the graffiti artist. My aim was to encapsulate and present the aesthetic of these pieces in an effort to preserve them. I wanted to capture these beautiful moments—isolating letterforms, exaggerating textures, and marks of the community—all the while paying homage to typographical artifacts of the past. With a resurgence of hand lettering within our contemporary design community, it is absolutely relevant to respectfully re-create these moments and present them in the gallery setting. These pieces were suspended and framed in plexiglass, then mounted on the wall as captured moments in our type history. Across the pieces, elements of paint, plaster, enamel, and collaged paper gathered from the neighbor­hood re-created weathered surfaces synonymous with our urban landscape.


Born and raised in the Sunshine State, Andy Luce desired to experience the Midwest and its seasons. Chicago became his home in 2008, and he has lived and worked among Chicago’s artistic community ever since. Working under the moniker Visual Armory, Andy Luce sets forth to evoke deliberation, justice and social responsibility. He desires to emphasize and make evident the often understated beauty that underlies all things in life. When not creating work for clients, Andy pursues his passions of wood working, tending his small but beloved window-box garden, exploring Chicago on his bike and cherishing time with his lovely wife.


Gesso, plaster, oil, enamel, acrylic, graphite, ink, locally-sourced paper collaged on plexiglass