Andy Luce


  • Savor Youth


My work is inspired by life’s seasons and the en­­­­vironments in which we dwell. I express these inspirations in the form of color-fields and marks. Calligraphy and inscriptions are used as a form of drawing, creating a record of my processes and observations and tell the stories of each piece. I find compositions on surfaces of abandoned structures, deteriorated walls, and the remains of planned constructions, and visually incorporate them into my process. Layers and textures rep­resent the season in time in which the piece was created. The works are developed on re-purposed wood, canvas, and sustainable surfaces to further connect the work with natural processes.

When working, I imagine how each color and texture interaction will affect the viewer. I hope that the viewer’s response will further employ the meaning and ethos of the work. The desire is for each piece to evoke passion and movement in the direction of reason, justice and social responsibility.

To me, Typeforce is a show about letters becom­ing so much more than everyday objects. From the com­plexity of a story to the simple beauty of a note of admiration between two people, an element of type can say so much. With my piece Savor Youth I wanted to evoke a sense of wonder, excitement and adventure with simple words — inviting the viewer into a space of quiet to reconnect them with their youth.


Born and raised in the sunshine state, Andy Luce desired to experience the Midwest and its seasons. Chicago became his home in 2008, and he has lived and worked among Chicago’s artistic community ever since. Working under the moniker Visual Armory, Andy Luce sets forth to evoke deliberation, justice and social responsibility. He desires to emphasize and make evident the often understated beauty that underlies all things in life. When not creating art for clients, Andy pursues his passions of wood working, tending his small but beloved window-box garden, exploring Chicago on his bike and cherishing time with his new wife.


Mixed media light installation. Cut paper, acetate and re-purposed wire frame, suspended from a motor and mounted to the ceiling.