Alexander Rysdon-Moulitsas


  • Letterform Vestiges


In recent years I have become interested in an approach that relinquishes control of certain aspects or variables of the design process. Those variables change from project to project, from one medium to the other and rarely ever manifest themselves in the same way twice.

Letterform Vestiges is a project that explores the idea of memory through decomposition. For the course of one week I relinquished control of the project to allow the fruits and vegetables to stain, adhere and mold onto the printmaking paper’s surface—without any manipulation or expectations.


Alexander Rysdon–Moulitsas is a Chicago born graphic designer. Currently based in New York/New Jersey he specializes in contemporary printed works, websites, exhibition design, and interactive projects. His work has been featured in Print’s Regional Design Annual and at Yale’s 1156 Chapel Street Gallery (New Haven, CT). He is an adjunct professor at Yeshiva University in Manhattan and holds an MFA from Yale University.


Printmaking paper and foodstuff
Each 11 × 15 inches