Alexa Viscius & Drew Ryan


  • Do It


Alexa and Drew’s Do It is a modular light display, pulsating, glowing, reverberating your mind’s eye…and potentially causing an epileptic seizure. Seriously though, be careful.


Alexa Viscius and Drew Ryan are Chicago-based designers. With combined backgrounds in typography, printmaking, graphic design and fine art, Alexa and Drew create posters, magazines, music packaging, websites, and identity systems for a wide range of clients.

Alexa received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago. For the past 3 years Alexa has been working as a designer for Plural, a collaborative art and design practice in Logan Square. She is an avid photographer and is usually not seen in public without a camera or two.

In addition to being a designer, Drew is also a front-end developer. He grew up in Memphis, Tennessee playing in punk bands and working at various kinds of print shops, pre and post-press. After graduating from a technical college with an Associates Degree in Graphic Arts Production, he eventually he learned how to code and now he works for himself out of his Logan Square apartment.


LED foam lights
Approximately 4.25 × 11 feet