Alex Fuller


  • Fresh Flesh


In my 31 years of life, I have witnessed quite a few trends in popular beauty. Everything from power bangs and shelf butts, to rat tails and Zinca. Some good, some questionable. But in the evolution of beauty trends we seem to have hit a major speed bump: spray tan. Thanks to spray tan, there is now a new self-inflicted race of orange people. And they are scary. Seems like being too white is considered gross and sickly these days. A stark white gallery wall pro­vides the perfect foundation to expose this fad in a new and different way. The words “Fresh Flesh” are used like a bad advertising headline for spray tan.


One of those artist/designer hybrid type people. As member of the Chicago collaborative, The Post Family, Alex wears many hats from curator to blogger to minimalist artist to letterpress nerd. During the business hours of the day, Alex is a Design Director at Leo Burnett’s Dept. of Design. When he’s not filling his days with these major commitments, Alex is collaborating on artist books at his publishing company, 5 × 7.


Spray tan