Year after year, typeforce submissions and ultimately the selections we choose for the exhibition, consistently make us think “Damn, wish we would have thought of that.” With all the amazing ideas, it’s difficult to find the right balance of handmade to digital, 2d to 3d, serious to playful, on top of the fact that we try very hard to include a diverse mix of people from all walks of life. Curating a show that is presenting the “best of” while making sure we have the right mix of work and people represented can be a challenge. But one we love and look forward to every single year.

This year’s curation tested us more than any ever before. When we presented the list of folks in the show, there was quite the backlash from “art critics” in town. They were not happy with the number of repeats (4 to be exact) of the 25 selected for the show and felt we were only including them because they were our friends. It’s disheartening to hear people speak about our selection process when they have had no context on how or why they people were chosen for the show. I suppose that is why they are critics and not curators. It’s much easier to stand on the sidelines and judge from a distance than to build community through the making of art and design.

We are very proud of this year’s selections. The exhibition was an incredible success with well over 1000 visitors on opening night alone. This catalog is a representation of the wide and varied show we enjoy curating every year. If you didn’t get a chance to see the work in person, we hope this catalog serves as a taste of what the experience was like and inspires you to create more beautiful things in your life.

Dawn Hancock + Ed Marszewski
Co-curators, design purveyors, Chicago-enthusiasts and lovers of type